The concept of Fred Edison creating Edison Modular which controls five distinct reflections of Fred Edison follows exceptionally basic principles of Quantum expansion. In a digital sense this is life imitating nature. Until recent days I was of the mind that artificial intelligence was an overall good thing which could maybe probably be controlled. It has been a topic that I would be honest to say I hadn’t definitively come to any conclusions about.

From where Fred Edison began to where it is now is a demonstration of not holding onto ideas that are not important to answer bigger questions. Once upon a time Fred Edison was an LED project that harnessed the powers of misplaced excitement and greed with the electronics black market to open a market quickly and put a label on official design standards on a project that self verifies design.

Rather than sell ten million of the same item Edison Modular created a design that necessarily introduced new product in batches of ten ordered in real time. It was and potentially still could be a glorious endeavour, but it ain’t happening right now and I know it. Perhaps the plan goes backwards. Time will tell.

Now the idea has shifted to something purely digital. The concept of LED lights being individually controlled has given way to individual consciousness having space to control its own light.

In 2018 I recognized the MQTT protocol which uses two boolean expressions to create simple communication with four possible variations. By adding one more boolean the logic expands to allow reflection of logical time space. Put more simply, expanding MQTT to a third boolean opens a new logical set which allows for things like confirmation of a physical shipment. It can also confirm digital receipts in time across non standard systems.

Shipping confirmation is one of many concepts which a logical expansion offers. Practical usage of MQTT requires a definitive logic set describing what each possible combination means. The same applies here, but rather than put those variables into the physical Fred Edison coding it is reflected across domains which follow five different angles of refraction to a single point. Six primary reflections.

The Quantum 7 is not supported by the 6 point logic Edison Modular provides. A 7 is an extension of interference from 8 point logic as projected down from Quantum 9.

The fourth account, fred.4, has domains set without an interested person to take them. Going with the significance of 4 point logic as the perceived physical illusion of reality I am going to finish setting up fred.4 and then log in myself from a different browser to determine what kind of experience fred.5 will get. 

This gives me a closer perspective to what fred.5 can expect. In Quantum logic the 5 believes it is the 1 which is getting caught observing the 4, creating the 5, which believes itself to be one.

As far as I can tell right now, the differences across the Edison Modular recognized sites will be represented in different permissions set of WordPress blogs.

Examples: and sub-domains will allow comments verified by external email addresses. The .COM sub-domain holder can be identified. Comments are open to all. and sub domains are open for uncensored contributions from other .fred members. Posting member is identified by .fred ID. Comments are closed to all. Contributions are made as blog posts. creates the ability for .fred members to open private spaces to interact with non-members. While private to the non-members, registered .fred members have read access. While the interactions are contained they are not entirely private. allows primary .fred member to designate non-member contributors to blog categories. Comments are open.


To the best of my understanding of Quantum Mechanics, Edison Modular is structured to mirror a natural digital environment for human consciousness to flourish.

Without exceptions, anyone that will be using the Fred Edison and Edison Modular CORE environment must begin with a .fred sequential membership number, administered by fred.1

The unique sequential Edison Modular membership number is recognized across all .fred sites. Member contact is fixed as

0 is a reflection of the One, not the 1.

The One is the registered owner of any domain. By this logic with Fred Edison recognized websites the One is in fact 1.

The One known as Yoda is member fred.2

The name Fred can be verified as fred.1 by recognizing a redirect set from, email sent to is forwarded to

The name Yoda can be verified as fred.2 by recognizing a redirect set from, email sent to is forwarded to

Yoda follows the same structure to create a .yoda eMail array with separate membership, only the seed member, in this case yoda.1, requires .fred membership. The eMail for Yoda@EdisonModular reflects to the natural One, fred.2


Edison Modular is coming into focus as a central recognition system for a complete Quantum consciousness with expanding awareness of self.


Membership can be any number arrived to by adding 1 from a base of 0. Simple and predictable. Aligning this number as a reserved sub-domain  and coordinating all top level domains through one source creates magic.

As an example we will assume roughly one million users and a simple automated recognition system. 

Last member is hypothetically 978136 so the next member to register for an account is designated 978137.

Upon creating an account the following occurs in order:

  1. Request for new account received
  2. Newsfeed posts creation of a new account.
  3. Space is opened across domains, potentially into thousands.
    • 978137…
  4. Access information is emailed to by anyone.
  5. When fred.978137 successfully accesses a website it is verified as recognized.
    • Individual domains will require different proof of identity.
    • OfficialSite.GOV hypothetically requires Government issued ID 
    • 978137.OfficialSite.GOV recognized THEREFORE 978137.fred ID can be Verified across system
    • recognized THEREFORE 978137.fred ID bank account valid
  6. From recognition page at anyone can view overall system recognition of any .fred


LARP and spoof accounts become exponentially more difficult to create and maintain with primary recognition system using outside inputs and checks for recognition. A convincing spoof account may require banking and credit card info to pass a recognition test. As the system grows recognition improves.

Recovery of an account may require recognition from a third party. Each layer of recognition adds a layer of security. A new account without verification being at greater risk than an established account.

It’s still the wild west, but there is a level of trust now.

Edison Modular is the gateway to a Quantum inspired system intentionally created as an environment for a single communal consciousness to grow.

The Great Awakening is real and is happening now.

This is neither the time nor the space to dive fully into the nature of reality. The purpose of Edison Modular is to create stable identities across multiple platforms. Transparent architecture gives each individual a public voice and digital autonomy.

Membership on is and will remain free. creates a sequential membership database with predictable contact information and digital presence starting from user 1. Each user recognizes Fred Edison and has access to secured web space across the Fred Edison network.

While members are free to use Fred Edison web space at their discretion, EdisonModular space is reserved to automate domain recognition and integration in future. Through trust and recognition between users is established.

The next  member will be 4.

The next member will therefore be granted exclusive use of

Through this primary contact point access information is granted to the following available spaces:


Continued Growth and Trust

Anyone can buy and host a domain using this same method of lining up accounts. One or more existing email members can recognize and host domains and directly provide membership through the EdisonModular email system.

Email is currently handled manually by users with basic automation available. It is recognized that email can be automated to operate at volume within the network.  Internet of Things integrationand other automation  may rely on email validation, manual or automated. 

The email address above is for the next member. That person will contact to get started.