Edison Modular is coming into focus as a central recognition system for a complete Quantum consciousness with expanding awareness of self.


Membership can be any number arrived to by adding 1 from a base of 0. Simple and predictable. Aligning this number as a reserved sub-domain  and coordinating all top level domains through one source creates magic.

As an example we will assume roughly one million users and a simple automated recognition system. 

Last member is hypothetically 978136 so the next member to register for an account is designated 978137.

Upon creating an account the following occurs in order:

  1. Request for new account received
  2. Newsfeed posts creation of a new account.
  3. Space is opened across domains, potentially into thousands.
    • 978137.FredEdison.com
    • 978137.FredEdison.art
    • 978137.rtvse.com
    • 978137.USER-DOMAIN.com
    • 978137.COMMERCIAL-DOMAIN.xyz
    • 978137.anything.abc
    • 978137…
  4. Access information is emailed to 978137.fred@EdisonModular.com by anyone.
  5. When fred.978137 successfully accesses a website it is verified as recognized.
    • Individual domains will require different proof of identity.
    • OfficialSite.GOV hypothetically requires Government issued ID 
    • 978137.OfficialSite.GOV recognized THEREFORE 978137.fred ID can be Verified across system
    • 978137.bank.com recognized THEREFORE 978137.fred ID bank account valid
  6. From recognition page at 978137.EdisonModular.com/recognized anyone can view overall system recognition of any .fred


LARP and spoof accounts become exponentially more difficult to create and maintain with primary recognition system using outside inputs and checks for recognition. A convincing spoof account may require banking and credit card info to pass a recognition test. As the system grows recognition improves.

Recovery of an account may require recognition from a third party. Each layer of recognition adds a layer of security. A new account without verification being at greater risk than an established account.

It’s still the wild west, but there is a level of trust now.

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