Edison Modular is the gateway to a Quantum inspired system intentionally created as an environment for a single communal consciousness to grow.

The Great Awakening is real and is happening now.

This is neither the time nor the space to dive fully into the nature of reality. The purpose of Edison Modular is to create stable identities across multiple platforms. Transparent architecture gives each individual a public voice and digital autonomy.

Membership on EdisonModular.com is and will remain free.

EdisonModular.com creates a sequential membership database with predictable contact information and digital presence starting from user 1. Each user recognizes Fred Edison and has access to secured web space across the Fred Edison network.

While members are free to use Fred Edison web space at their discretion, EdisonModular space is reserved to automate domain recognition and integration in future. Through EdisonModular.com trust and recognition between users is established.

The next  member will be 4.

The next member will therefore be granted exclusive use of 4.fred@EdisonModular.com

Through this primary contact point access information is granted to the following available spaces:

  • 4.FredEdison.art
  • 4.FredEdison.ca
  • 4.FredEdison.com
  • 4.FredEdison.in
  • 4.FredEdison.info
  • 4.FredEdison.org
  • 4.FredEdison.net
  • 4.FredLancer.com
  • 4.rtvse.com

Continued Growth and Trust

Anyone can buy and host a domain using this same method of lining up accounts. One or more existing EdisonModular.com email members can recognize and host domains and directly provide membership through the EdisonModular email system.

Email is currently handled manually by users with basic automation available. It is recognized that email can be automated to operate at volume within the network.  Internet of Things integrationand other automation  may rely on email validation, manual or automated. 

The email address above is for the next member. That person will contact 1.fred@EdisonModular.com to get started.


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